Legion World Quests + Leveling + Broken Shore

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This pack of quester profiles (XML) for wrobot bot for World of Warcraft.

All profiles are available on a monthly subscription.

This profiles will do Legion world quests in Broken Isles, zone by zone.

What you can get with this profiles:


  • Quest requirements unlocking world quests is account-wide: Uniting the Isles
  • Included quest chain for Broken Shore zone world quests: Scenario and Artifact Knowledge Level 26+ quest. Located: Profiles\Quester\camelot10\Legion\[N] Broken Shore.xml
  • Added support for legion assaults/invasions in Azsuna, Val'sharah, Hightmountain, Stormheim


  • Invasion/Assault world quests available for character 100+ level
  • Invasion/Assault world quests give ~60-70k exp
  • Invasion/Assault world quests counted 5-6 per invasion/assault, this mean 300-450k exp per character per assault


  • Download archive
  • Extract archive in to WRobot\
  • check folder structure, should be:

    WRobot\Profiles\Quester\camelot10\Legion world quests\

  • Start wrobot with needed profiles

Main goal

  • Fully automated (afk) world questing


  • Uniting the Isles quest must be completed (Flight Master's Whistle)
  • item level 810 (820 preferred). if your item level below 810 - you better babysit your character
  • good fight class
  • high pop realm for elite/group/raid quests or disable quests with suffix "Group", "Raid", "PvP" in profile settings


  • Setup healing spell/food (need alot)
  • Azure Water Strider or Crimson Water Strider save alot of time
  • Get more bagspace
  • Discover as many flypoints in Broken Isles as you can. Save alot of time and gold, there many elite mobs on roads
  • Setup wrobot relogger to run with all your alts (1-2h per profile/character): tutorial
  • (Risky) Install Auto Accept (Wow Popup window). Sometimes other players invite your in group, completing quests with live humans is much faster.
  • Not recommended to use tanking fightclass/specs, becouse of Elite/Group/Raid quests camping behaviour
  • Be ready to die alot. Prepare gold and Mammoth

How it works

  •  Settings menu now opens when you PAUSE any profile: If you need to adjust settings: run and pause profile, menu appear, adjust settings, click "save", unpause profile.

  • Flight Master's Whistle is supported

  • After activating subscribtion you will get two emails from gumroad: first one is reciepe and it will be sended right after activation, second email will be sended shortly (minutes/hours, depends on gumroad) with link to last update files. You will be getting update email during all period of subscibtion, when need updated pushed.

  • Im trying to make everything working without human interaction. This mean you need to start wrobot and forget about character
  • World quests updated once per minute, this mean profile sometimes run completed quests little longer. just give a few minutes to update quest list
  • Non-usual quests scripted in C#
  • Elite/Group/Raid quests handled by camping in safe spot and tap/engage mob when hitpoints reach predefined minimum. (example: raid bosses on 10%, elites on 30-50%)
  • When all profile quests in current zone completed, and if you complete reputation quest in that zone - profile with turn in that quest
  • After all quests and turn ins, profile loads next zone profile
  • All profiles looped: Azsuna > Val'sharah > Highmountain > Stormheim > Suramar > Azsuna > etc, this mean you can load any profile
  • Profile quests bunched and ordered by map sectors: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, CENTER. This need a bit of tune/testing
  • Profiles change some WoW/wrobot settings: auto dismount, ignore fight when mounted (this save alot of time, if character get dismounted - it will fight back), all gathering and skinning disabled, if you some resources run grinder/gatherer. all settings tuned for questing


  • All profiles is not finished, new quests appear daily/weekly
  • Updates will appear once in 1-3 days. I will try to maintain every world quest in Legion
  • Current priority: Suramar, Azsuna, Val'sharah, Highmountain, Stormheim
  • Working on this profiles is a hard job, takes alot of time every day. Dont be rude, keep patience and be positive. We will make it smooth

Status (quests amount)

  • Azsuna:  high
  • Val'sharah: high
  • Highmountain: high
  • Stormheim: high
  • Suramar: high
  • Broken Shore: high

Known Issues

  • Bad pathfinding, sometimes bot stuck. Im working on each profile blacklist and manual pathfinding
  • Pet battle quests is not supported at this moment (maybe in future)
  • Dungeon quests is not supported at this moment (maybe in future, very distant future)
  • If you have problems with quest required "mount/vehicle" action bar, probably becouse action bar addons: profile use "OverrideActionBarButton1" (2,3,4), "ExtraActionButton1" (2,3,4) 


  • In any case (or daily/weekly) clear/remove everything from "WRobot\Data\Meshes\"
  • If you get compilation error on starting profile: remove all "WRobot\Settings\WorldQuestsSettings-*.xml"
  • If profile start skip world quests or load other profiles: restart wow/wrobot. Something bugged.
  • Hunters, dont research Eagle Ally in Order Hall, or Flight Master's Whistle can get you in stuck location
  • Don't use any addons wich change extra/vehicle buttons names. Profiles click this buttons by name. There is alot of vehicle/extra buttons quests.
  • In case if you need this addons for comfortable play, use this macro to toggle addons on/off: /run t={"YOUR_ACTION_BAR_ADDON_NAME1","OTHER_ADDON_NAME2","ANOTHER_ADDON_NAME3"} for i=1,GetNumAddOns() do for n=1,3 do a=GetAddOnInfo(i) if strfind(a,t[n]) then if IsAddOnLoaded(i) then DisableAddOn(i) else EnableAddOn(i) end end end end ReloadUI()
  • If you get profile bugged, send me please, detailed info about: faction, class, fightclass, wrobot plugins, profile and quest/bug/place if you can.
  • If you want feature or report bug quickest way: private me

Demo Limitation

Only world quests in center area of Suramar


I am not assiciated at WRobot company, delivered in 12h, you can contact me by private message

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Legion World Quests + Leveling + Broken Shore

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